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Trump Supporter Shames Dems, Organizes Massive Cleanup Of West Baltimore

President Trump and Elijah Cummings had a very public feud over the condition of Baltimore.

It got ugly quickly with Trump at one point demanding a thorough accounting of all the cash the city has hauled in over the years.

Many trashed Trump, many pointed out the absolute hypocrisy of the left. And then there is Scott Pressler.

Pressler, a GOP activist who registers republicans to vote, decided to do something instead of talk.

He simply organized a non-political cleanup of Baltimore and it was a rousing success. From WBAL:

An ardent supporter of President Donald Trump marshaled about 70 people Monday for a community cleanup in West Baltimore.

Scott Presler first suggested the cleanup in a Twitter post that has since gone viral. The Pennsylvania man said the effort is not a “pro-Trump rally or an anti-Rep. [Elijah] Cummings” event, referring to the Baltimore congressman who Trump took aim at in tweets and remarks more than a week ago.

In a tweet the day before launching the cleanup effort, he suggested he would “stand in the middle of the city with a sign that asks why democrats choose illegal aliens over black lives.” His visit to Baltimore comes during a slate of his planned Republican activist training sessions in the region.

However, Presler said he was in Baltimore Monday out of a genuine desire to help, not because of his politics.

“This is not political,” he said. “We saw a need in the city, and we wanted to come together.”

The post brought people from several surrounding states. More than 230 people signed up to work cleanup shifts. Volunteers were set to work at the site from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The group also included Pastor Tony Hill, who leads a west Baltimore congregation.

“It’s people over politics,” Hill said.  “Things like this really forge alliances between neighbors. “We have one cause in mind and that’s to clean up Baltimore.”

Sarah Kez

Sarah Kez is a freelance writer and graphic designer. She is a regular contributor for the Washington Daily News.