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Trey Gowdy Collides With Adam Schiff – Accuses Impeachment Leader Of ‘Leaking Like A Sieve’

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Trey Gowdy just turned the tables on impeachment leader Adam Schiff!

Who is in charge of this impeachment movement? From all signs, it’s not Nancy Pelosi. She keeps waffling over impeachment.

It’s not Senate Democrats—they know they don’t have the votes.

Actually, it’s a few House Democrats who have let their power got to their heads. One of them is Adam “Pencil Neck” Schiff.

This career politician has promised again and again that he’s going to impeach the one man in D.C. doing his job.

But former Rep. Trey Gowdy just exposed the Democrat for what he really is. There’s a big reason Schiff is failing at getting recent getting information for his investigations.

And Gowdy explained it all.

From Fox News:

Former South Carolina Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy told “America’s Newsroom” on Friday that people have stopped sharing information with the House Intelligence Committee because its chairman, Adam Schiff, D-Calif., is the most “deeply partisan” member.

“When you put someone who is wrong as often as Adam Schiff is wrong and is as deeply partisan as he is, in charge of the intelligence committee, then no, you’re not going to share confidential information because Adam leaks like a sieve,” Gowdy said.

Wow. That’s pretty rough.

Gowdy said the House Intelligence Committee can’t get intelligence on anything because its chairman, Pencil Neck Schiff, leaks like a sieve.

This committee does more than try to impeach Trump. They are responsible for gathering vital intelligence related to many crucial issues.

They are supposed to provide intelligence that helps the House make important decisions.

But, according to Gowdy, because its chairman is “deeply partisan,” nobody wants to share what they know.

If you have important information, sensitive information, that could help people, would you share it with a man who will blab it all over the news?

Of course not.

Schiff, because of his compromised reputation, has effectively killed the HIC. They can’t do their job, because Pencil Neck loves leaking secrets to the media.

He thinks that if he can leak stuff to the press, it’ll hurt Trump. Whether the information is true or not.

That’s pretty pathetic, if you ask me. He’s responsible for protecting vital intelligence. But he spills it all over the news like a high school girl.

Probably should replace him with someone better, right?

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Source: Fox News

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