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Top Sanctuary City Faces Mutiny – Their State Turns On Them, Starts Movement To Secede

They never thought their own state would rebel – they’re about to get kicked out!

Don’t be fooled—sanctuary cities still pose a huge problem for our country.

The media is hoping we’d forgotten about them by now. But the fact remains that most sanctuary cities are in shambles and have the worst quality of life in America.

And they’re run by big-city Democrats.

One of the nation’s most notorious sanctuary cities is driving the rest of the state up the wall. They are outraged that every day, this city drags the rest of them down into the gutter.

It’s reached a point where they are willing to take drastic measures. Like cutting out this city from their state as if it’s cancer, before it destroys them.

From the Chicago Tribune:

Over the past two years, the movement to divide the state of Illinois into two states — Cook County in one, the other 101 counties in the other — has been gaining support…

[State Rep. Brad] Halbrook refiled a resolution in the state legislature, HR 101, in which he and six co-sponsors asked the U.S. Congress to recognize Chicago as the 51st state.

This is pretty significant. A growing movement among Illinois state leaders is demanding Cook Country, Chicago’s country, be removed from their state.

Basically, they are pushing for legislation that would make Chicago the 51st state. That would be a historic move. One that might save the rest of the state from disaster.

It’s no secret that Chicago is a massive sanctuary city. It’s also the leader of criminal violence in our country.

Also, it’s known for decades of political corruption. (It’s also where Obama started his political career, coincidence?)

But much of the rest of the state is made up of proud, hard-working conservatives. They fight hard to make Illinois a great place.

Yet thanks to the bloated population of Chicago, recent elections have driven the rest of the state into the dirt.

The current Illinois governor wants to raise taxes. Do you really think that’s what the majority of Illinois wants?

But Chicago is holding the rest of the state hostage, thanks to its high population. A population inflated, thanks to its sanctuary policies.

It’s unthinkable that a state of patriots has to sit by and watch one city drive them into ruin. Soon, you’ll see the exodus from Chicago spread to the entire state, as residents flee for lower taxes and a government that actually works for them.

Shouldn’t the rest of Illinois have the right to fight back? Why should they suffer, because one part of their state is overrun with corruption and greed (and liberal policies)?

Perhaps removing Chicago from Illinois is the only option.

Critics are already saying it’s impossible. But the movement is growing. More and more Illinois residents are demanding change.

They just might get it.

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Source: Chicago Tribune

Sarah Kez

Sarah Kez is a freelance writer and graphic designer. She is a regular contributor for the Washington Daily News.