Texas Residents Fed Up With California Dems – They Buy Two Billboards To Set The Record Straight

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Need a good laugh today?

I just found a couple pictures of Texas billboards and it made my week.

It’s no secret that Americans are fleeing deep blue states for greener pastures.

Big surprise more than a few are leaving for conservative states with booming economies like Texas.

But concerns are high that many people fleeing California will bring their Democrat politics with them.

So, Texans have a couple STRONG messages for them. Texas is a RED state – and they’re going to keep it that way!

From Twitter:

Let’s make sure Texas stays Red…..

On that note…

I absolutely love it!

It’s pretty dumb to leave a liberal state—because of how bad liberal policies are—only to vote for liberal policies in your new home.

Democrats seem to be like locusts. They swarm over a healthy region, strip everything from it, then flock to a new one. See: California.

And now they think they’re going to do it in Texas? I don’t think so.

They’re delusional if they think Texans are willing to give up our conservative values and prosperity to suit their socialism.

Texas is thriving, and it darn sure isn’t because of high taxes. We embrace the Second Amendment, we’re tough on crime, have low taxes, and want to secure the border.

But Democrat policies will suck our big Texas prosperity dry.

I don’t know about other Texans, but I’m not going to let Democrats do that to Texas—or any other state run by common sense.

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