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Seconds Before Schiff’s Deadline – Trump’s Chief Of Staff Shut Down Adam’s Subpoena

Mick waited until the last moment – and ruined Schiff’s day!

Adam Schiff is getting desperate. After a month of closed-door hearings, he’s yet to find the “smoking gun” that will clinch Trump’s impeachment.

Soon, hearings will go public, forcing Democrats to come face-to-face with this train wreck.

Schiff thinks he can pressure Trump’s people into turning on the president. He sent out subpoena after subpoena, hoping to get a White House staffer to give him dirt.

The White House Chief of Staff was Schiff’s latest mark. But he held off appearing until the last moment, making the Dems feel the pain.

From The Hill:

Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney on Friday defied a subpoena for his testimony in the House impeachment probe at the last minute, in what is likely the Democrats’ final effort to hear privately from witnesses about President Trump’s contacts with Ukraine before their inquiry goes public.

Mick Mulvaney, Trump’s White House Chief of Staff, was supposed to appear before Schiff’s kangaroo court, but he shut them down!

Schiff wanting him to appear in one of the closed-door meetings. Probably so that his testimony, which would clear the president, could be kept from the public.

But Mulvaney kept delaying and delaying, and with just a minute left, he finally defied Schiff’s demands.

This means, if Schiff wants to question Mulvaney, he’s going to have to do it during a public hearing.

Hmm… I wonder how that will go? Will Schiff be able to twist Mulvaney’s testimony to damage Trump?

Not likely. Mulvaney, like the rest of Trump’s staff, will only defend the president.

Looks like Schiff is running out of impeachment options, fast.

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Source: The Hill

Sarah Kez

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