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Republicans Just Accused Nancy Pelosi – They Claim She Actively Cut Them Out Of Reform Bill

In response to the death of George Floyd and nationwide protests, members of Congress are championing a piece of legislation aimed at reforming the police.

The bill would bring significant change to how police departments operate. It will also create a federal oversight committee that investigates reports of police brutality.

Such an important bill, it has been argued, should have bipartisan support.

But it appears House Democrats crafted the bill entirely on their own, without input from their Republican colleagues.

Now, Republicans are saying Pelosi locked them out:

Rumors began swirling the morning of Pelosi’s announcement that Republicans had been blocked from contributing to the immense bill. Rep. Greg Steube (R-Fla.) confirmed that was the case…

“This was a partisan attempt by House Democrats to message to their progressive base and not come up with bipartisan solutions that would actually help unify the country.”

Why It’s Important:

Americans of all backgrounds have called for reforms after the death of George Floyd. The event appears to unite many citizens, despite their political affiliations.

President Trump, as well as notable Republicans, have voiced support for significant changes to how police protect communities.

Attorney General Barr also discussed ending the practice of chokeholds and other potentially deadly moves.

However, it appears Nancy Pelosi rejected the chance at cross-aisle cooperation. Instead, Republicans accuse her of pushing a bill that simply panders to her party’s “progressive” wing.

Such a radical move all but dooms the bill, as Republicans in both chambers of Congress will not vote for it.

Nor will the president back a deeply-partisan piece of legislation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Nancy Pelosi and Democrats unveiled a sweeping police reform bill.
  • Republicans accuse Democrats of locking them out from contributing to the bill.
  • Even as Americans clamor for police reform, this bill will most likely not be passed, due to its partisan nature.

Source: The Federalist