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President Trump Goes ‘All Out’ On Obama – Accuses Barack Of 2016 Election Spying And ‘Treasonous’

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Donald’s never said this about Obama – until now!

Evidence has long existed that suggests Obama crossed a line in 2016.

We know his FBI used a bogus dossier to acquire a warrant to monitor a Trump staffer.

The entire situation looks pretty shifty. What were they really up to? And what did they actually do?

Well, Trump is putting it into words that anybody can understand.

From Washington Examiner:

President Trump has ratcheted up his claim that the Obama White House spied on his 2016 campaign, charging in a new book that it was a “treasonous” act by the former Democratic president…

“I have never ever said this, but truth is, they got caught spying. They were spying,” said Trump who then added, “Obama.”

“What they did was treasonous, OK? It was treasonous,” he told author Doug Wead…

President Trump is dropping the hammer on Obama’s administration. He said that what Obama’s FBI did was spying and treason.

If we’re being honest, it’s hard to argue that.

Just as Obama’s ally, Hillary Clinton, is running against Donald Trump, Obama’s FBI starts “monitoring” one of Trump’s staffers. Without proper evidence.

Oh—nothing suspicious there!

What we know about what went on leans heavy credit to Trump’s claim. Obama didn’t want Trump to win. It’s not outside the realm of possibility that he used the deep state to hurt Trump’s chances.

Now Trump is calling Obama out on it.

Amazing how, after all these years, nothing has been done to hold him accountable. Democrats try to impeach Trump over just about anything.

Yet Obama spies on Trump—and nothing?

That’s not right. And I’m sure you’ll agree.

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Source: Washington Examiner

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