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Nancy Pelosi Accuses Bill Barr of Weaponizing Law Enforcement for Partisan Purposes Over CA Probe

Congress is still on vacation and one wonders when they come back next week will anyone notice?

Congress has marginalized itself over the years, ceding power to the executive branch and devolving into partisan bickering on darn near every issue.

Do you really think Nancy Pelosi and a Dem controlled House will give Trump a win by signing the new NAFTA?

Only under intense pressure would they even consider it – that is how bad things have gotten in the hallowed halls of our nation’s capital.

Nancy Pelosi is not happy with Bill Barr and just issued a scathing attack on his character. She wrote:

“The Department of Justice’s reported investigation of the auto companies is frivolous and pretextual, and seeks to weaponize law enforcement for partisan political purposes to advance the Trump Administration’s toxic special interest agenda.”

“California’s agreement with four leading automakers to strengthen fuel emissions standards is in support of a legitimate public interest goal: keeping our families safe and safeguarding our clean air for future generations.

Far from hindering healthy competition, California’s agreement promotes a race-to-the-top among automakers to meet the new emission standards, benefiting consumers, strengthening our economy and protecting our environment.

The Department of Justice must end this sham investigation and return to policing actual anticompetitive conduct.

House Democrats stand with California and the 13 states and District of Columbia that join it in setting strong, effective emissions standards to fight for a sustainable, clean energy future for our children and grandchildren to grow and thrive.

We will not let the Trump Administration’s dangerous agenda prevent us from achieving success in this critical mission.”