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Mitch McConnell Turns Tables On Biden – If Democrats Impeach Trump, He Could Put Joe And Hunter On The Stand

If Democrats go too far – Mitch is going to make Biden regret it!

For the time being, Senate leader Mitch McConnell is playing fairly nice. He even admitted that the Senate would hold a trial if the House impeached Trump.

But if it comes to that, things will get messy very quickly. Light will be cast on every last bad thing Democrats have done.

In fact, Meghan McCain thinks this could backfire on the Left, and especially Biden, in a big way.

From Washington Examiner:

Meghan McCain, a host of ABC’s The View, said she believed Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell might go after Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, if articles of impeachment get sent to the Senate.

“At some point in time this will reach the Senate,” McCain said about the House Democrats impeachment inquiry. “I don’t think it’s beneath Mitch McConnell to get extremely dirty in an intense dog fight on this and to bring Joe Biden and his son on the stand to testify.”

Great idea, Meghan!

McCain says that McConnell just might drag Biden and his son on the stand to testify about their Ukrainian dealings.

That’s all but a certainty if House Democrats are daring enough to impeach.

They are accusing Trump of forcing Ukraine to investigate what Biden did. Naturally, if this goes to trial, McConnell will most certainly require Biden to testify.

This all hinges around his actions as VP, after all.

But it will go much further than that. A trial would give Trump an opportunity to divulge everything he knows about Democrats.

All sorts of closets might fly open over the course of a trial. Evidence will be revealed and witnesses will be forced to testify.

Do you really think this will be bad for Trump? Only if you believe the media’s narrative about him.

Democrats don’t understand the bear trap they could be stepping into. The best fallout of this impeachment would be their loss of the House in 2020.

The worse? Underestimating the ruthless Mitch McConnell, letting all kinds of dirt coming out before a Senate hearing, with the media covering every last detail.

Biden and his son will only be the beginning. Mitch will fight fire with fire.

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Source: Washington Examiner