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Michelle Obama Crashes Into 2020 Race – Fresh Poll Shows Her Leading In The State Of New Hampshire

She said she wouldn’t – but look at Michelle go!

Despite all the begging, Michelle Obama said over and over she would not run for president.

I guess her statement has fallen on deaf ears, because Democrats continue to talk about her running.

Looks like they just want to see an Obama in the White House again. Do you?

The media frequently brings up the chances of her winning. In fact, a new poll has come out comparing her chances against the current 2020 candidates.

And boy did it raise a few eyebrows.

From Biz Pac Review:

Were former first lady Michelle Obama to enter the 2020 presidential race, her political career would begin with her already leading the entire pack in the pivotal swing state of New Hampshire, according to stunning new poll results…

She’d reportedly nab four points from Warren, four points from Biden and seven points from Sanders.

Wow! According to a new poll, Michelle Obama is leading every 2020 frontrunner in New Hampshire.

And she’s not even running!

What does that tell you about the kind of people trying to become president? Their own voter base is so unimpressed, they’d rather have Michelle Obama.

And her only claim to political fame was a failed school lunch program.

This is pretty important. If you were to believe the liberal media, one of these 2020 candidates is sure to beat Trump.

Biden, Warren, or Sanders will become the next president. Sure, sure.

Yet a simple poll reveals voters would rather have a woman with zero political background (who’s not even running) over these long-time D.C. dwellers.

This tells us enthusiasm among Democrats is at an all-time low. They are spending their time fantasizing about Michelle running, instead of getting behind a real candidate.

Why should we be surprised? Democrats have abandoned the American people. They prioritize border jumpers over hard-working citizens.

They accuse each other of being capitalists, as if that’s a bad thing in America. And their socialist programs would put an end to our hot economy.

Is it any wonder Donald Trump is looking so good?

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Source: Biz Pac Review