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Hours Before Trump’s First Baltimore Tweet – King Elijah’s Own Home Was Broken Into

Well this is certainly an interesting new development, and one that I’m absolutely not surprised about!

Trump has gone back and forth about the current state of Baltimore with “King” Elijah Cummings, as he now calls him.

As I’m sure you all have seen, Trump sent some tweets that call out the current state of things in Baltimore and some people on the left said he was being mean. Well – he was telling the truth!

The Democrats don’t want to admit Trump’s words are true, but they are. And something just came out today that proves it in the most perfect way possible.

Just hours before Trump’s first tweet was fired back after Cummings criticized him, something happened in Cumming’s home town of Balitmore…

Not just in Baltimore, but it happened TO Elijah Cummings himself.

Check it out From CBS Baltimore:

Baltimore Police are investigating after the home of Rep. Elijah Cummings was broken into early Saturday morning.

The burglary occurred around 3:40 a.m. at his Baltimore home in the 2000 block of Madison Avenue.


Now let me start this by saying I don’t wish harm to come to anyone. But boy oh boy, this couldn’t have been more perfect for Trump!

Before Donald had even opened his mouth for the first time to talk about Rep Elijah Cummings and Baltimore’s problems, Trump was proven right.

The problems are so bad that even Cummings’ own house was broken into!!

If you see someone on the left claiming this happened because of Trump’s tweets, you can prove them wrong. That’s the funniest part about all of this.

His house was broken into because they have a crime problem – it has nothing to do with Trump, but Trump is being proven right time and time again as we go on.

Its honestly amazing his insight. Sometimes its like he can see the future.

Imagine being “King” Elijah and you just found out that very morning your house was broken into…and then Trump blasts you for unfair criticism.

He probably wanted to respond to Trump so badly, but he knew his house was broken into literally that morning and he has absolutely no defense. How can he said Baltimore doesn’t have massive problems when he was in the middle of one himself?

It’s hard to beat Trump – he just keeps winning! Here’s to 2020, I hope to see all you fellow patriots at the polls.

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Source: CBS Baltimore

Sarah Kez

Sarah Kez is a freelance writer and graphic designer. She is a regular contributor for the Washington Daily News.