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Dan Bongino Shuts Down Donna Brazile’s New Trump Allegation: ‘You Refuted Your Own Point’

Donna Brazile went viral yesterday for her spat with Dan Bongino on Fox News program the Five for all the wrong reasons.

Many Fox viewers took to social media to voice their displeasure that Brazile was even on the air.

They reminded everyone how she gave the debate answers to Hillary as reason Fox should not have her on.

Many said they turned the channel as soon as Donna came on but if they had stayed they would have seen Dan Bongino shut her down – “you refuted your own point” he said at one point to devastating effect.

From The Daily Caller:

Brazile challenged Kennedy, saying, “Here’s what I want to say. I understand that every time you have a conversation that Donald Trump is to blame for something you have to bring it back to Barack Obama, George Bush, or Abraham Lincoln. I don’t really care.”

“President Trump has now known for four days that the Russians may have spent money to try to kill our troops, four days,” Brazile continued, turning back to President Donald Trump.

“What are you going to do about it, Mr. President? Are you going to let Mr. Putin kill our troops?”

Brazile concluded by saying that American soldiers’ lives were too important to be political footballs, adding, “I can tell you as the daughter of a veteran, if I knew somebody put a bounty on somebody serving in my military I would not be sitting here trying to play some game. Get off your behind and address it, I have to say that.”

“Donna, that was nice but you refuted your own point,” Bongino replied, noting that she had said what she would do if she knew of such a bounty placed on American troops — and that the intelligence community had been at odds over whether the report was accurate.

“This is why you don’t make decisions based on information that’s not confirmed,” Bongino concluded. “You refuted your own point.”