Congress Has Had Enough Schiff – At Least 135 Congressmen Plan Vote To Censure Him

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Adam Schiff thought he would get away with it – not anymore!

Most Republicans agree with President Trump: the impeachment inquiry has gotten out of hand.

The Democrats running it have not followed a single rule. They are ignoring historic norms and rejecting any semblance of impartiality.

Adam Schiff seems to have been planning this charade. It appears he knew about the whistleblower before anyone else. Yet he claimed to have no knowledge prior.

Republicans in Congress are taking the strongest action they can against shifty Schiff.

From Reuters:

Republican lawmakers will bring a motion to censure the Democratic chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, on Monday, a largely symbolic act by the minority party to express dismay about the impeachment inquiry into U.S. President Donald Trump, a fellow Republican.

“How many times has he (Schiff) lied to us? He should be censured,” said the top Republican in the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, on Friday.

135 Republican lawmakers are co-sponsoring a motion to censure Adam Schiff over his improper behavior before and during this impeachment charade.

A censure may be symbolic, but it’s a huge black mark on this obviously partisan inquiry.

And more importantly, it shows the American public just who in Congress is on the president’s side—and who’s not.

2020 is not that far away. Every last House member will be fighting for their seat.

How will they win over voters—when they spent the last two years wasting time and money on a pointless impeachment?

Meanwhile, every Republican that votes to censure Schiff will be standing up for the American people and their president.

They are saying that Schiff and the rest of the do-nothing Democrats cannot get away with an impeachment dedicated to smearing our Commander in Chief.

This censure vote will wake up Congress to the fact that Schiff is leading down a very bad path.

The only solution? Removing this guy from his role on the House Intelligence Committee and getting rid of him for good.

Schiff’s questionable behavior and clearly partisan inquiry is a stain on our government.

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Source: Reuters

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