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Congress Dazed By Louisiana Republican – Their Careers Could Be Over If They Fail The Test

Democrats didn’t think he would dare – get ready, America!

The men and women of Congress need to be held accountable, and one brave man is calling for it right away.

If you represent the American people, you should be in full control of all your faculties, right? It’s the least you can do.

But after the train-wreck that was the Mueller hearings, people started joking if members of Congress should be drug tested.

Yes, most were joking, but why shouldn’t our elected officials get randomly tested, just like many normal Americans on the job?

And at least one Congressman certainly thinks they should, and hopefully many more.

From The Free Thought Project:

“Louisiana Congressman, Rep. Clay Higgins (R-LA) wants to force every single member of Congress to take regular drug tests and he wants them to pay for the tests themselves.

Higgins introduced the legislation this week which, if passed, will force all federal lawmakers to be randomly drug tested once per term for illegal drug use.”

This would include random testing for members of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Each member would have to take the time to get it done, and they’d have to pay for it, too.

My response: why wouldn’t Congress pass it?

There are lots of jobs that require testing, especially for jobs with lots of responsibility.

And last time I checked, every last member of Congress has a ton of responsibility—to the American people.

Higgins ran his colleagues through the ringer:

Congress shouldn’t get to live by a different set of rules. This effort is about maintaining accountability and ensuring sober service to We, the People.”

Sounds perfectly logical to me.

And Higgins swears this isn’t a stunt, nor is it about “embarrassing or ending members’ careers.”

It’s about simply adhering to a certain level of standards … standards every high-ranking politician should meet. Right?

And Higgins simply wants to make sure our nation is being run by sober-minded individuals. That’s not too much to ask.

If they do pass this legislation, it’ll be interesting to see which members fail the test first – which party do you think it will be?

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Source: The Free Thought Project

Sarah Kez

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