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After White House Insider Turns On Trump – Donald Fires The Impeachment Turncoat

F-I-R-E-D – he’s outta there!

Schiff and the Dems continue this impeachment sham. I guess they think Donald Trump (all people) is just going to sit back and take it.

Not on your life.

The president is taking eye-opening action.

It’s no secret that members of the intelligence community (a.k.a.: the Deep State) are going rogue and helping men like Schiff.

We know at least one of them tried to throw the president under the bus. That’s no bueno, buddy.

You can’t serve the president while trying to harm him.

So, Trump just served him his classic line: “You’re fired!”

From Twitter:

NSA Robert O’Brien says Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a top witness in the House impeachment inquiry, will be removed from his post at the White House National Security Council.”

That’s what it looks like when the swamp tries to stop Donald Trump.

Vindman seemed to side with the Democrats during his closed-door meeting with Schiff. From what we learned, he was trying to twist Trump’s call with Ukraine to look like a quid-pro-quo.

But the call’s transcript does not seem to show that at all. Instead, it just looks like Trump was asking for a favor to root out corruption in our politics.

But Vindman and other partisan hacks have made wild claims about what President Trump was intending.

Funny how all these people seem to know exactly what the man is thinking—without even asking him!

It’s clear Vindman was trying to hurt the president over partisan politics. There’s no place for a person like that in the White House.

Why should the president—or the rest of us for that matter—trust him to sit on the National Security Council?

He seems like a real national security threat to me.

Perhaps now he’ll learn not to turn on the man who you swore to serve.

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Source: Twitter