After Schiff Tries To Subpoena Pence – Our Vice President Sends Back A Stinging Denial

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If you hadn’t noticed, the Democrat impeachment query is falling apart.

But that only means leftist politicians like Adam Schiff are getting even more desperate…

Schiff is so desperate, in fact, that the head of the impeachment movement is trying to get document evidence from Vice President Mike Pence!

But our VP is having none of it.

After Schiff and his Democrat colleagues sent a letter to Pence requesting these documents for their impeachment query, Pence’s lawyer stepped in.

And his response was simple– it’s a big fat NO.

From The Daily Caller:

Vice President Mike Pence is refusing to comply with House Democrats’ request for a long list of documents as part of its impeachment inquiry.

No soup for you, Schiff!

Instead, Morgan sent his own letter back to the Chairmen of the House Intelligence, Foreign Affairs and Oversight committees.

In that letter, he made it plain that Pence wasn’t about to comply with the “self-proclaimed impeachment query.”

He also made an important point: the House of Representatives hasn’t even voted on the issue!

Never before in history has the Speaker of the House attempted to launch an ‘impeachment inquiry’ against a president without the majority of the House of Representatives voting to authorize a constitutionally acceptable process.

Don’t forget that Speaker Nancy Pelosi just recently decided to delay this impeachment vote.

This means there is no precedent for Schiff’s request for documents, and Pence’s lawyer is absolutely correct.

Democrats really do reek of desperation, don’t they?

Democrats think they can skip all the necessary due process, and just leap to gathering evidence for impeachment.

But that won’t fly in a nation of law and order, and it definitely won’t work when we’ve got a President who doesn’t appear to be guilty of anything.

In my view, Pence and his lawyer are right to refuse this subpoena request. There’s just no grounds for it.

Heck, I don’t believe there are any grounds for the entire impeachment query!

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Source: The Daily Caller

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