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Adam Schiff Loses It On Live TV – In Final Moments Of Impeachment Hearing, He Almost Cries

Schiff couldn’t hold it together – a defining moment of his ‘impeachment!’

Ask the president or any Republican (or anyone with a brain) and they’ll tell you the impeachment hearings have been a failure.

Ask Adam Schiff and House Democrats? Despite any reasonable evidence to back them, they say Trump is guilty.

But after all the hearings, leaks, rumors, and fake news, Schiff’s circus is coming to an end.

All the “star” witnesses have spoken. Every deep state and swamp dweller tried to throw Trump under the bus.

But now that everything’s said and done, Shifty Schiff was forced to give his closing comments.

And much like how he opened this inquiry, he closes it: as a spectacle.

From Twitter:

.@RepAdamSchiff gets emotional in his closing statement

Wow, Poor Baby…

Not once during Schiff’s closing statement did he point to any actionable proof that Trump broke the law.

Schiff, like so many other Democrats, is making huge claims—with little to back it up.

Some might say his emotional closing is proof of just how much he loves this country—and the integrity of our government.

I have a different take. After spending months and millions on this impeachment inquiry, Schiff and his cronies have nothing.

They took the bait this still unnamed whistleblower gave them. And before getting all the facts, they ran head-first into impeachment.

But interest quickly faded among Americans. Many believe this has been a sham from day one.

Americans don’t seem to believe Trump did anything wrong when speaking with Ukraine. And there is no “smoking gun,” that seals his fate.

Schiff did his darndest to make Trump look guilty before proven innocent. Remember his opening statement?

He read a false version of Trump’s call with Ukraine, claiming it was “parody.” How can anyone consider this guy impartial, when he was trying so hard to make Trump look like a criminal?

Schiff brought up witness after witness, hoping someone would doom Trump. But even his stars could not name a single thing Trump did that was impeachable.

Even Sondland quoted his conversation with Trump where the president said he did not want a quid-pro-quo.

You can’t impeach a president over hearsay. And you can’t doom a man when you can’t prove his guilt.

Schiff knows this. After all his efforts, impeachment looks very uncertain. Even if they get the votes, the Senate will never remove Trump.

That’s a good reason to cry, if you hate Donald Trump.

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Source: Twitter